Planning and Organizational Direction

Strategic Planning

NP Voice believes that a strong, effective strategic plan establishes the direction and institutes priorities for the organization or agency. The environment in which nonprofits and government agencies operate has changed dramatically over the past decade. Now more than ever, a powerful strategic plan provides the foundation for accomplishing your mission, elevating your organizational brand, and increasing social impact. Let us help you lift up the voices of your stakeholders, partners, and funders by engaging in a strategic planning process that aligns your staff and resources towards achieving organizational goals and programmatic outcomes.

Advocacy and Communications

NP Voice recognizes that passion drives change. We harness that passion for strategic communications, government relations, and policy analysis for national, state, and local organizations. We elevate the strength of our clients by using the power, importance, and added value of strategic advocacy and communications to deliver positive impact to the people and communities they serve. We will help you successfully lift up and share your messages about target issues with key audiences, advocate for policy change, and position themselves as leaders and experts in their respective fields.

Program Design and Implementation

NP Voice wants to help you design, plan for, and implement your dream program. We offer program design and planning consulting services for nonprofits and agencies with priorities that revolve around the environment, children and youth, and social justice issues. We have designed and consulted with the implementation for both new and existing programs, and for both outcomes-based and prescriptive compliance options. Our services are informed by our years of experience in the field of human services—designing programs that elevate attention to the needs of the population and implementing successful, sustainable programs that fill the gaps pertaining to these needs.

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

NP Voice can help you lift up and leverage your organizations strengths with our professional relationships to help bring another organization to the table and facilitate an intentional and sustainable partnership. With ever-changing funding guidelines, increased demand for services and resources, and shrinking budgets, nonprofit organizations can find themselves without a strategic foothold in an increasingly competitive environment. Whether you are considering forming a traditional partnership, collaboration, alliance, or public/private partnership, we consider strong partnerships to the be the result of careful planning to increase the quality and reach of existing services, create relationships to increase funding opportunities, and expand into new geographies and service offerings.

A. Michelle Long Founder and President

Since 2008, we have been dedicated to providing specialized services in strategic planning and organizational direction, fundraising and resource development, and data and evaluation. NP Voice LLC is a social enterprise and consulting firm that works with social impact organizations including nonprofits, government agencies, public/private partnerships, collaboratives, social enterprises, and professional associations.


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