Partnering On Purpose: Accelerating community impact through collaboration

A partnership between NP Voice and KDP Group to connect the business, social and public sectors to accelerate positive community collaboration, action, and impact.

Why this?

Corporate leaders increasingly crave the opportunity to improve society, and their employees feel the call to make an impact in their own communities. These corporations recognize their potential to make a consequential difference in propelling non-profits in their work, without distracting from their corporate mission. Non-profits understand how a corporation could mobilized its assets and fuel the mission. Unfortunately, corporations and non-profits don’t know how to find each other, how to get started, or how to make effective use of such a partnership.

Why now?

As social movements have begun to gain momentum, the business community has been watching with careful eyes how they unfold and impact employees and the business culture. In the past year and a half, conversations have shifted to how the business community can be more progressive and proactive with addressing community challenges. The time is now — and we are poised — to bridge these two sectors around achieving societal harmony now and for generations to come.

Why us?

With almost 50 years collective experience, the NPV-KDP partnership bridges the business and nonprofit worlds into an activation space that inspires collaboration and collective impact. In many cases, members from both of these communities are not at the same table and often struggle with uncovering an access point to meaningful conversation, engagement and activation. This emerging partnership will forge relationships that will have deep impact on community and the issues we care about most.


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A. Michelle Long Founder and President

Since 2008, we have been dedicated to providing specialized services in strategic planning and organizational direction, fundraising and resource development, and data and evaluation. NP Voice LLC is a social enterprise and consulting firm that works with social impact organizations including nonprofits, government agencies, public/private partnerships, collaboratives, social enterprises, and professional associations.


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