Neighborhood leaders come together for learning

For many neighborhood and grassroots groups, raising funds is a challenge. Where do you start? How do you make the most of limited time? How do you maximize your volunteer resources?

One of the most frequent requests from our Neighborhood Fund grantees is for fundraising coaching. To meet this need, on May 3, the Community Foundation hosted a resource development training session for a cohort of grantees. More than a dozen neighborhood leaders from across our region attended the session led by Michelle Long, a nonprofit expert with NPvoice. As a next step, groups will have individual sessions with Long to shape a formal resource development plan that aligns with their goals.

“For the first time, I feel prepared to make a case for support,” said a member of the Friends of Tucker Parks group. Click here to learn more about the Neighborhood Fund.

Neighborhood Nexus connects with new site!

Nonprofits vitally need good data to be impactful. Data informs decisions and strategy, and directs ROI. But sourcing data, especially about constituents, can be daunting and costly. That’s where Neighborhood Nexus comes in.

Neighborhood Nexus is a community intelligence system providing over 5,000 data variables, from the U.S. Census and many other sources, at different levels of geography. State-of-the-art visualization tools help users to understand and analyze data. Nexus is designed to support nonprofit and community leaders, government and businesses, advocates and service providers with the information, tools and expertise to make data-driven decisions, help meet challenges, leverage assets and create new opportunities for intervention in community problems. And now, with a new website redesign, Neighborhood Nexus is easier to use than ever before.

Whether you are looking at socioeconomic patterns to determine need for services or simply building benchmark metrics, Neighborhood Nexus can help you make better decisions. The Community Foundation is proud to be a founder of this locally-based tool in partnership with the Atlanta Regional Commission.


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